12 weeks Coaching Session


Hello dear,
Here is a snippet of the courses i will be teaching you as i coach you into business success.
Week 1 : Defining your Strengths & Interest.
Week 2:  Pinpointing your business idea & your niche
Week 3:   Validating the profitability of your business idea.
Week 4:   Time management as an 9-5 employee & ceo.
Week 5:   Crafting your compelling marketing message.
Week 6:   Analyzing your competition & owning the market
Week 7:   Identifying your products & Service
Week 8:   Researching & identifying a thirsty market for your business
Week 9:    Branding your business
Week 10:  Sales boosting & marketing techniques.
Week 11:  Online & Offline Business Positioning.
Week 12:   Business profit template & launch.
BONUS:    Building the right business structures.
This yummy 12 weeks  dish is cooked with unique ingredients to make your business very attractive and highly profitable.
To sign up for my service as your coach, make a payment of N120,000
Note: To ensure that i support you in achieving your dreams i am open to discuss a payment plan.